Double Helix main line model, driven by technical strength as the main line, business support and data landing two-wheel drive,?realize the three multi-direction iteration.If you do not talk about business,just talk about technology,you are easy to get caught up in ostentatious self-entertainment.
Double Helix Model
Business Center Data Center
User management
We manage all channels, all the terminal on all customers,Unified authentication and authentication for users.And the user account and personal information for the unified management and operation to provide a consistent and good user experience.
The user's Password uses the most secure Hasche algorithm known Bcrypt+Salt-value encrypted storage,secure transmission and storage with dual encryption.
Unified Protocol via OAUTH,External Third Party certification and authorization.
Equipment Management
Unifies the management equipment information and the status, provides the equipment registration and the equipment status management function.We configure a unique RSA key and Token mechanism for each device to protect the security architecture of the device.
Intelligent linkage
Based on the basic unit of Trigger-Action, take the equipment and weather, time and other external factors as trigger condition, take the equipment and pushing.The function of short message system is to carry out actions and realize the linkage of equipment,Building an all-around smart home.
Cloud storage
It provides massive video storage and event recording in the cloud for devices in a variety of storage modes.Using financial-grade data encryption,Efficient solution to video security and storage issues.
Cloud storage includes clip video and dynamic video,Users can choose different lengths of time for the device, such as 7 days, 14 days, or 30 days.
Event Management
Event Management defines an alert or action for each device as an event, which can be annotated with multiple labels.It allows users to filter and view event logs, and supports billion level event processing per day.
LOT Platform
Unified IOT access and security certification, managing long-term connectivity and messaging between devices and APPS and the cloud.It provides the foundation for push messaging and instant messaging in the cloud.
Notification Platform
Integration of the services of multiple operators, unified to provide calls, text messages, send tweets, send e-mail function.
Media platform
As a bridge between camera and video display, responsible for audio and video forwarding and transcoding.Used to output compliant audio and video data for the video display terminal.
The media platform offers the DASH/HLS standard streaming protocol for all types of players.
It can according to the business demand to play the market strictly controlled.
It also supports ALEXA and Google Assistant video terminal players,such as Echo show,Google Home Hub.
OTA upgrade
It manage the OTA upgrade of the device and the resource pack upgrade of the client,Can be achieved by geographical, batch, time, sub-user groups, such as a variety of upgrade programs.
Equipment networking
The way of equipment networking user networking equipment,such as Wifi,QR Codes, Bluetooth and so on.
Third Party access
It connect device to a well known third party platform like ALEXA, Google, Assistant, IFTTT, etc.With these platforms, devices can interact with devices from other companies,It is helpful for users building a broader range of smart homes.
AI Services
Ai Services include human detection, pet detection, vehicle detection, face recognition and other AI algorithms.At the same time,HUALAI as the Algorithm Platform, providing AWS algorithm,?Google and other algorithms access.Customers only need access to China AI services, can use a number of algorithms.
Intelligent production
Based on the production of industrial equipment to simulate the production line for the scene.Intelligent production uses digitization to restore the form of processes and critical equipment,realizes to the production visibility expression.Specific concepts that give managers an image of management production.At the same time, all parameters in production are clear.Understanding the overall production situation, improve management efficiency.Through mobile back ends such as tablets and smart phones to start Mobile and telecommuting,As if the management staff in the production of the effect of the field office,simultaneously Unifies the camera, realizes to the production process the supervision.
Operation System
Based on system and business data, using analytical algorithms as tools, scenario-oriented to help the operation and maintenance management personnel intuitive grasp the system operation and operation of the timely state of peacekeeping operations.And make effective decision-making, improve the efficiency of service management and monitoring management, guarantee the stability of services effectively.
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