Video surveillance provides remote video browsing and video playback on mobile and PC
Supporting full-duplex communication, provide remote human-computer interaction.
Supporting one screen multi-draw way, while view more than one camera screen.
Video monitoring saves 80% of the customer's bandwidth by P2P drilling.
Video forwarding
It provides a standard stream protocol for DASH/HLS suitable for all kinds of players.
It could be based on business needs for strict control of the playing time.
It also support for ALEXA and Google Assistant's terminal player,such as Echo,show,Google home hub.
Message Push
Mobile push support for Android and IOS.
Service push support for mobile detection, door magnetic switch, infrared trigger, equipment on and off line, spreading and others.
The arrival rate for push messages is 99% , with a delay of approximately 500 MS.
Cloud storage
It provides massive video storage and event recording in the cloud for devices in a variety of storage modes.Using financial-grade data encryption,Efficient solution to video security and storage issues.
Cloud storage includes clip video and dynamic video,Users can choose different lengths of time for the device, such as 7 days, 14 days, or 30 days.
Intelligent linkage
Based on the basic unit of Trigger-Action, take the equipment and weather, time and other external factors as trigger condition, take the equipment and pushing.The function of short message system is to carry out actions and realize the linkage of equipment,Building an all-around smart home.
AI Detection
Ai Services include human detection, pet detection, vehicle detection, face recognition and other AI algorithms.At the same time,HUALAI as the Algorithm Platform, providing AWS algorithm,?Google and other algorithms access.Customers only need access to China AI services, can use a number of algorithms.Customers can use multiple algorithms by accessing AI services.
Face recognition:extracting the face coordinates from the image,and analyze the attributes of the faces in the images.Including Age, gender, facial expression,and whether or not wear glasses.
Face comparison:AI rate the similarity between faces by comparing faces.
Human body attributes:Analysis gender, hair style, clothing, appearance, whether or not backpack information depend on human body attributes.At the same time, return the human body coordinates.
Human body detection:Identify the human figure in the picture, and extract the coordinates of the human body figure in the picture.
SMART manufacturing
To achieve step-by-step monitoring of product quality, manufacturing links can be traced back.And real-time data of Operation Management production line To achieve step-by-step monitoring of product quality, manufacturing links can be traced back.Optimize the production process, product quality, intelligent operation and maintenance, solve the problem of information island and automation island.
To achieve a high degree of automated production line can save a lot of manpower costs, without worrying about the loss of staff and increase in labor costs.A high degree of automation makes it less dependent on workers,Until the factory is unmanned.
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